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PyThia UQ Toolbox

The PyThia UQ toolbox uses polynomial chaos surrogates to efficiently generate a surrogate of any (parametric) forward problem. The surrogate is fast to evaluate, allows analytical differentiation and has a built-in global sensitivity analysis via Sobol indices. Assembling the surrogate is done non-intrusive by least-squares regression, hence only training pairs of parameter realizations and evaluations of the forward problem are required to construct the surrogate. No need to compute any nasty interfaces for lagacy code.


The ocdb package addresses all scientists and people in general interested in scattering and absorption of photons in the VUV/EUV/X-ray region, in particular (potential) users of the data contained in the Optical Constants Database (OCDB) provided by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB). In contrast to other packages and data sources, the OCDB (and hence the ocdb Python package) provides not only optical constants, but uncertainties for these values as well. As such, it does not compete with other data sources (e.g., the CXRO database) and Python packages (e.g., periodictable), but supplements and extends the data available from there.


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